Welcome to the Home page for UK BJD Con.
A convention dedicated to ball jointed dolls, Dollfie Dream, Smart Doll and other collectable dolls.
Here you will find all the relevant information and contact details for this convention. The links above will take you to where you need! Please be sure to read the Policies and information at the Venue info.
Below is a count down to the event and links to our social media pages.
In the upcoming year there will be several smaller mini conventions dotted around the UK. These will not be as large as the main convention which is schedualed to be set in 2025.

The next mini convention will be held at the
Pioneer Suite in the Pendulum Hotel Manchester
13th of April 2024
Event starts at: 9:30 AM
Ends at: 5 PM

    Last updated - 11th November 2023


    Hello there!
    UK BJD Con (United Kingdom Ball Jointed Doll Convention) was created by a collective of BJD collectors and artists in 2022. The idea sparked off by DolceLuceBJD and Demon Forest Dolls quickly gained interest to finally make a convention for the United Kingdom. So far most BJD conventions have been in Europe, Asia and Russia so to create a convention closer to home was very appealing.
    For those who do not know Ball Jointed Dolls are collectors items typically humanoid in nature. They are usually made of cast resin but in the rare occasion they are made of porcelain.
    They have spherical joints which allow for a wide range of movement not typically seen in mass marketed dolls.
    You can buy these collectors items from specialist websites usually ran by the companies who make them. They can come painted or unpainted, these dolls can be fully customised as wild as your imagination! The convention allows artists from worldwide to come and sell the dolls they make and all kinds of apparel that can be used with BJD.


    Sam/(IG: DolceLuceBJD) - Lead Organizer and Finance
    Goo - Venue Organizer
    Sophie/(IG: eihpossbjds) - Stall Organizer
    GreatSage - Artist / Website gremlin / Mascot Designer
    Tori/(IG: Demonforestdolls) - BJD Contacts / Social Media


    Please familiarise yourself with the policies below. Upon attending this event you are obligated to agree to the following:1. No selling, trading or displaying of recast or bootleg items. Please do not bring recast dolls to the event, if you are in doubt of a doll/bjd's legitimacy do not bring it. If you bring a recast to this event deliberately, you will not be allowed to attend future events.
    (Recasts are illegal copies of original BJD, they are made typically in chinese factories and at 25% of the cost of a authentic BJD. To respect the artists we wish to keep this event free of recasts.)
    2. UK BJDCon are not liable for any damage, stolen, injury or loss to any personal goods that may arise from utilisation of the venue by the convention.3. Respect the venue, staff and other attendees at all times.4. Images, voice or film recordings from this event may be published across, but not limited to, various social media platforms and publications for the purpose of promoting the event. If you do not wish to appear in any images/ filming please contact a member of the team either by email or on the day of the convention.5. We reserve the right to escort transgressors from the venue. This includes physical or verbal assault and/or theft of money or goods in or around the venue. Removal from the venue may result in a ban to future events.6. To comply with the Health and Safety regulations of the venue. The use of hazardous chemicals such as spray sealants and acetone products are prohibited.7. Please note that all tickets are non refundable unless the event is cancelled. Transfers must be done 2 weeks before the event at the latest.8. Please be aware that this event will contain fragile displays and/or some adult themes that may be unsuitable for young children. Under 16's should be accompanied by an adult on the premises. The items displayed here are collectors items and not for general play by young children.More policies may be added at a later date.


    The convention will be held at
    Pendulum Hotel Manchester
    in the
    -Pioneer Suite-
    Event starts at: 9:30 AM
    Ends at: 5 PM
    The venue is within 7 minutes walking distance from the Manchester Piccadilly railway station.Map & more information below!Early access for those with mobility issues is 9am. If you require early access due to mobility issues, please email us directly at [email protected]. Thank you!


    Here we'll have information about the tickets that will be available.Currently the Manchester 'mini meet' tickets are SOLD OUT.Next mini meet (location not yet set) tickets will be posted on our instagram first then on the website here.Closer to the time of the event there may be more tickets available from those that do not think they cannot attend. If this is the case we will be posting this on our Instagram and Discord server.We may deny entry if we don't recieve confirmation about a ticket transfer.Please note that all tickets are limited in number for safety purposes.General tickets MIGHT be available on the day subject to availaibility.PLEASE NOTE THAT If you can no longer attend please join our discord to transfer/sell on your ticket(s), link can be found via our Instagram. All transfers should ideally be done 2 weeks before the convention.


    Merchandise should be available at the convention, typically bags, badges and keychains are available.


    If you have any questions please feel free to email us at any time:
    [email protected]
    You may also contact any staff member by finding them on Instagram.


    Currently vendor applications are full, however if you are interested in becoming a vendor, please send an email to [email protected] and we will place you on our waiting list. Unless we've already contacted you about selling at the convention.Here is the list of stalls/vendors who may be present at the UK BJDCon Mini meet Manchester.

    - Dolcelucedolls / Walid / Sweet Orange (Clothing and Accessories)
    - Striped Green / Emiko's Emporium (Clothes and Jewellery)
    - Short Whiskers (DD heads and animatic Eyes)
    - LayCBlackDesigns (Miniature Props)
    - Bardo Research (Dolls)
    - Forget-Me-Not-Barn (Doll accessories/ bean bags / bedding)
    - NOKA&CO (Clothes)
    - Sewdolliteful / Bickymonster (Clothes & Wigs)
    - DeeRibbon (Dealer for Wigs, shoes, clothes)
    - Magpies Secret ( Clothing)

    Different vendors will be present at different mini meets!

    Charity Bring and Buy StallIn the Queen’s Hall there will be a donations table where you can donate up to 2 unwanted items for sale. All proceeds go to charity. The local LGBT center in Leicester and Razom will be the charities that we will be donating to this convention!


    This section is dedicated to previous events ran by UK BJD Convention, here we will list the venue, the date, times, competitions and vendors that were at the convention.

    Mercure Leicester Grand Hotel 21st of October 2023**
    Event started at: 9:30 AM
    Ended at: 5 PM

    Main Event Schedual Including Talks & WorkshopsDoll Talk 2 - PhotoArtitude by PhotoArt: 13:00-14:00
    Doll Game Show: 14:15-15:00
    Halloween Masquerade: 15:00-16:00
    Premium raffle and closing ceremony: 16:00-17:00
    Ongoing Events
    Doll riddle: 9:30-Until completed
    Find the mascot: 9:30-Until mascot found
    Standard raffle: All day until close
    Eyes in a jar count: All day until close
    Photography competition display: 9:30 - 13:00
    Doll costume display: 12:00-16:00


    Main Event Schedual Including Talks & WorkshopsSet up Start for Staff & Vendors: 7 am
    Disabled access: 9 AM
    Official Opening: 9:30 AM
    Dolly quiz- 1-2pm
    Ongoing Events
    Egg hunt- all day
    Egg nest guess- all day


    Gameshow BJD Hour
    Test your wit and skills in this hour as we will be holding a general BJD knowledge quiz along with various other puzzles. Correct answers equal prizes!
    (Prizes TBC)
    - We want this quiz to be as fair as possible, so it's recommended that people register over the age of 16+.
    - To enter for this please ask to register on the day at the front desk/ticket desk.
    - Depending on the number of entrants, contestants will either be answering questions on their own or in groups. In groups the prizes will be smaller but will be available for each team member.

    __Spring Theme Photo Competition __
    Do you have a special talent for making your doll look extra fresh for the spring time? We're looking for the best photo to do with the Spring theme!
    To enter this contest you must take a photo that shows your doll off in all their sprightly glory! Please make sure your photo is suitable for display and not too gory or adult in nature.
    (Prizes TBC)Categories
    There will be one prize per catagory. No 2nd and 3rd prizes are given.
    1) Best vibrant / Spring themed photo2) Most original idea3) best compositionRulesEntry fee= £5
    Max entries= 1 per person
    -Please email [email protected] to enter.
    - On the day your photo will be displayed in A4/A3 at the mini meet. There will be voting baskets provided infront of each contestant.
    - Goes without saying please do not enter photos of bootleg or recast dolls. If we find you are using a recast doll your entry will be disqualified.
    - We accept any type of articulated doll of any make and size for this competition.


    There will be a raffle held at the convention for charity, all tickets can be purchased on the day at the raffle stall.
    The charity being donated to through this raffle will be : TBD